Automatic Sliding Doors and Why They Are So Popular

So Farrare

The market offers a large variety of automatic doors. They are often found operating at retail stores, commercial buildings and offices, various public buildings and clinics. The benefits that the users enjoy while using these doors include the ease of operation and the fast action. The benefits that the organizers get when installing these doors are safety, improved aesthetic looks and an efficient way of managing the access to their buildings. Though automatic doors come in a wide range of styles, automatic sliding doors happen to be the most frequently used. Let us see the reasons for their popularity:

High volume of traffic supported

A building that has visitors coming into or going out all through the day can’t really have a better choice. For instance, in the case of supermarkets, consumers can easily enter and leave the premises without using their hands, stopping on the way out or while entering, or even without touching the doors, providing a wide opening for walking through comfortably. This lets a larger number of people to use the same door. Another very helpful feature is the fact that, since the doors are transparent, the users on each side can see the persons on the other side, thus minimizing any confusion or risk of any accident. Moreover, the opening of such doors creates a wide opening and users can simultaneously enter or leave the store. Since sensors are provided on both the sides of the entrance, the passage remains safe, without causing any trapping.

Getting the most from a narrow doorway space

Sliding doors with telescopic design can prove to be highly effective when the number of visitors is large, but the doorway space is rather narrow, as the design of an automatic door allows two door leaves to glide collectively into the pocket. The design that divides the sliding panel in two parts that get folded next to each other allows us to make the most in case of narrow doorways.

Brightness and security

Most often, the sliding doors are made using tough glass, allowing an adequate amount of light to enter the premises where they are installed. Such doors are fitted with sensors to avert trapping, and they are designed to provide an emergency opening in case of power failures. This arrangement needs to be checked after every four to five hours. In case of normal power failures, the system allows all doors to be slipped back, thus offering a huge space for evacuation in case of an emergency.

Energy saving plus air flow

Since the action of door opening and closing is very quick, there is no significant loss of heat, as a result there are substantial savings on the utility bills, while the temperature remains at a comfortable level for the people using the same premises. Moreover, these systems help to effectively regulate the flow of air entering or leaving the building.

Architectural Design

For buildings with a unique or irregular architectural design, all the above said benefits can be availed by installing tailored sliding automatic doors.

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