Automatic Watches and Watch Winders – A Brief Overview

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Automatic watches, also known as self-winding watches, have been around since the 1930’s, but experienced a decline in popularity with the introduction of quartz watches in the 1970’s. However, in recent years there has been a renewed interest in, and a revival of sales of this type of watch. This article provides a brief overview of what an automatic watch is, and how it can be wound automatically even when not being worn.

What is an Automatic Watch?

An automatic watch – like the traditional mechanical watch – contains a set of gears and a wound spring that gradually releases energy to power the watch and keep accurate time. Despite its name though, the self-winding watch can only wind itself through movement of the wearers wrist or arm, or by means of a mechanical winding device.

Fortunately, this type of watch does not need to be wound up every day as it contains a power reserve that provides enough energy to keep the watch accurately ticking for up to four days. As long as it is worn every other day or so, the watch will stay wound nearly indefinitely. Should it not be worn regularly however, the “self-winding watch” will run down just like any regular hand wound mechanical watch.

Enter the Automatic Watch Winder

To solve this problem, the “automatic watch winder” was developed – an ingenious device that will keep a self-winding watch wound up even when not being worn for a length of time. This device mechanically mimics the movement of the wrist, and winds the watch so it maintains accurate time, stays properly lubricated, and is ready to wear whenever needed.

A Beautiful Display Case

In addition to keeping the watch wound up and ready to go, a watch winder box can also serve as a display case perfect for showcasing your beautiful watch. Watch winders are constructed of a variety of materials including plastic, wood, leather, and metal, and come in configurations that can display and wind single, dual, or multiple watches simultaneously.

Popular Makes

Some of the more well known makers of automatic watchwinders include Orbita, Wolf, Steinhausen, Belocia and Eilux, Garmin, Regency, Tech Swiss and Rothenchild. Depending on the brand, construction material, and configuration, watch winders vary greatly in price, ranging from about $30 for entry level units all the way up to several thousand dollars for multi-unit premium cases.

Where to Find

You can find automatic watchwinders at a number of online stores in a wide range prices and styles. With so much variety to choose from, you can be sure to find the right watch winder device that will perfectly meet your unique needs.

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