Benefits of Having a Cat Bed for Your Cat

So Farrare

As most cat lovers will agree, cats are not just pets, they are part of the family. Felines are affectionate, like to play, and are charming creatures. They give us companionship and friendship, and we want to keep our feline friends healthy and happy. Some cats can sleep for 18 hours a day, so choosing the right cat bedding is very important. Even though some cats may like to nap in many different places throughout the house, providing your buddy with their own cat bedding may stop this and they will stay in their own bed.

Some cats prefer sleeping on a sofa or chair. It this case you can choose a blanket or throw for the furniture to keep their hair off your sofa or chair, which makes both you and your feline happy.

Cats like to sleep in warm, cozy places, and many times they will choose your bed to sleep in. Providing them with their own bed will eliminate this, and both you and your cat will sleep more peacefully.

It is sometimes hard to choose between the many different styles, color, and quality. There are bolster beds, bumper beds, raised beds, blankets, and others to choose from. The bolster beds and bumper beds have raised sides that help make your cat feel secure and safe. Some cats prefer the raised beds because they feel more secure in a higher position. The size of the cat bedding is very important. Your kitty will need to be able to stretch out and turned around and not be restricted, otherwise they will not stay in it. On the other hand, do not get a bed that is too large, or your cat will not feel secure.

The bed you choose should be placed in a position where your cat feels safe, secure and comfortable. This will help them adapt to their new bed and sleep there all the time. Also, placing the bed in the location where they usually sleep will help encourage them to use their new bed. Putting a favorite toy in the cat bed may help, also. Remember, cats respond to praise, so make a big deal when your cat uses their bed.

Another consideration when purchasing a bed for your cat is to find one that has a washable, removable cover. Since many cats shed quite a bit, this will help keep control of cat hair in your home.

In conclusion, purchasing a cat bed for your feline friend can have several advantages for both you and your cat.

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