Digitize Your Slide Deck With This Arduino-Powered Slide Carousel

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If you’re earlier mentioned a particular age, you probably recall the ambiance of a pre-Powerpoint 35 mm slide display. The wobbly monitor becoming unrolled, the darkened place, the delicate hum of the projector’s lover, the somewhat grainy picture on the display and that unmistakable click on-whoosh-clack audio as the projector loaded the next slide. Nowadays you are going to be tricky pressed to find any one ready to set up a display screen and darken the place just to look at a number of photographs, so if you even now have any slides lying around you are going to possibly want to digitize them. If you have also saved your projector then this doesn’t even have to be that challenging, as [Scott Lawrence] displays in his newest job.

[Scott] produced a setup to directly connect a DLSR, in this situation a Nikon D70, to a Kodak 760 slide carousel. The attachment is created by a 3D-printed adapter that matches on to the Nikon’s macro lens on 1 facet and slides snugly into the carousel’s lens slot on the other. The adapter also retains an IR transmitter which is aimed at the camera’s receiver, in purchase to bring about its remote shutter launch function.

The carousel’s original light-weight source was replaced with a compact LED studio light, which will allow for exact brightness handle and of course stays pleasant and cool in comparison to the primary incandescent bulb. The mild, digital camera and carousel motor are all managed through a central user interface pushed by an Arduino Leonardo which can quickly progress the carousel and instruct the camera to consider a photo, thereby using the tricky do the job out of digitizing big stacks of slides.

[Scott] plans to make the software and STL files out there on GitHub soon, so anyone can go in advance and transform their projector into a digitizer. If you have misplaced your projector having said that, a basic 3D-printed slide adapter for your digicam also is effective for smaller slide decks.

https://www.youtube.com/look at?v=x3WkqTZ-UXk

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