Link Building and Popularity

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Any SEO expert will tell you that link building is the primary path for getting higher rankings from the Search Engines. Good link building is all about getting backlinks from quality sites and optimizing that reference to increase your websites popularity. Quality backlinks will result in higher rankings for your Page Rank < PR > with Google as well as your Search Engine Results Page position < SERP > with all of the other Search Engines. Link popularity measures how many different sites point to your web page. They represent endorsements of your website by other people which defines the value of your website content by considering your site to be an authority site.

Not all links will contribute the same weight to your web sites popularity. Each website is measured by its own link popularity as well as its reputation and how many sites it is endorsing. Search engines are also capable of identifying link farms and free for all sites which are groups of poor quality websites that link to themselves in an attempt to falsely inflate their link popularity scores. These types of sites do not bring any value to your web site. Getting an inbound link from one of these “Bad Neighborhood” websites can actually negatively impact your websites link popularity score.

To improve your sites popularity, you will need to research and find high quality one-way links and exchange links with related sites < reciprocal linking > and acquire those links to build your link popularity. Find links that are complementary and related to the theme of your site and useful to your users. It is vital that you only get links from relevant, high quality sites. Good link building can dramatically increase the traffic to your web site and be key to your online marketing success. Well placed related links are an excellent source for consistent and targeted traffic by generating additional search engine traffic to your site. Link popularity is a major factor that is used by search engines to determine a sites Search Engine Result. A site that has more inbound links will usually be positioned higher than a similar site that has fewer links.

Building your links properly and making sure that your link submissions do not look like spam can be a daunting and time consuming task, and there are many professional Link Building companies that can assist you with this process. When done effectively, this type of site promotion will get your site noticed, improve your search engine ranking and increase your web sites popularity!

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