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OFFICIAL PROCEEDINGS CITY OF GRAND ISLAND, NEBRASKA MINUTES OF CITY COUNCIL REGULAR MEETING June 22, 2021 Pursuant to due call and notice thereof, a Regular Meeting of the City Council of the City of Grand Island, Nebraska was conducted in the Council Chambers of City Hall, 100 East First Street, on June 22, 2021. Notice of the meeting was given in The Grand Island Independent on June 16, 2021. Mayor Steele called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. The following City Council members were present: Paulick, Fitzke, Stelk, Conley, Guzinski, Mendoza, Nickerson, and Haase. Councilmembers Minton and Scott were absent. The following City Officials were present: City Administrator Janulewicz, City Clerk Edwards, Finance Director Brown, Interim City Attorney Nonhof and Public Works Director Collins. INVOCATION was given by Pastor Ray Stone, First Faith United Methodist Church, 4190 West Capital Avenue followed by the PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE. PUBLIC HEARINGS: Public Hearing on Blighted and Substandard Study for CRA Area #32, (Josh Rhoads with Horizon Builders) located west of North Road on either side of Old Potash Highway, Grand Island, Nebraska. Staff recommended approval. Keith Marvin with Marvin Planning Consultants, David City, Nebraska; Zach Butz, Attorney for the applicant, 308 North Locust Street; and Josh Rhoads, 830 Bronze Road spoke in support. No further public testimony was heard. Public Hearing on Changes to Chapter 36 of the Grand Island City Code Relative to (B-3) Heavy Business Zone and the Zoning Matrix. Staff recommended approval. Amos Anson, 4234 Arizona Avenue spoke in support. No further public testimony was heard. Public Hearing on Acquisition of Utility Easement – 3234 West Schimmer Drive (GIG Ventures, LLC). Staff recommended approval. No public testimony was heard. Public Hearing on Acquisition of Utility Easement – 1814 N. Eddy (Casey’s Retail Co.). Staff recommended approval. No public testimony was heard. Public Hearing on the Semi-Annual Report by the Grand Island Area Economic Development Corporationitizens Advisory Review Committee on the Economic Development Program Plan. Dave Taylor, President of the Grand Island Area Economic Development Corporation and David Koubek, Chairman of the Citizens Advisory Review Committee presented the Semi-Annual Report. Staff recommended approval. No public testimony was heard. Public Hearing on Acquisition of Permanent Utility Easement for Sanitary Sewer District No. 287; 18th Street from Walnut Street to Wheeler Avenue. Staff recommended approval. No public testimony was heard. ORDINANCES APPROVED: #9830 – Consideration of Vacation of Utility Easements – 3625 Old Potash Highway – Hornady Manufacturing #9831 – Consideration of Approving Changes to Chapter 27 of the Grand Island City Code Relative to Procurement (This item was moved to a Study Session.) #9832 – Consideration of Approving Changes to Chapter 36 of the Grand Island City Code Relative to (B-3) Heavy Business Zone and the Zoning Matrix #9833 – Consideration of Vacation of Public Right-of-Way in Baker’s Addition; Between 3rd Street and US Highway 30, from Garfield Avenue to US Highway 30 #9834 – Consideration of Approving Salary Ordinance CONSENT AGENDA APPROVED: Approving Minutes of June 8, 2021 City Council Regular Meeting. Approving Re-Appointments of Todd Enck, Marv Webb, Brad Kissler and Justin Oseka to the Building Code Advisory Board. Approving Re-Appointment of Karl Kostbahn to the Occupation Tax Oversight Committee (Food & Beverage). #2021-137 – Approving Acquisition of Utility Easement – 3234 West Schimmer Drive (GIG Ventures, LLC). #2021-138 – Approving Acquisition of Utility Easement – 1814 N. Eddy Street (Casey’s Retail Co.). 2021-139 – Approving Bid Award – 115 kV Relay Setting – 2021 with Mesa Associates, Inc. of Knoxville, TN. #2021-140 – Approving Bid Award – Water Storage Tank Maintenance Program with Maguire Iron, Inc. of Sioux Fall, SD. #2021-141 – Approving Bid Award – Electrostatic Precipitator Transformer-Rectifier with NWL, Inc. of Bordentown, NJ. #2021-142 – Approving Bobcat Excavator Lease Agreement for the Utilities Underground Division with Sourcewell. #2021-143 – Approving Resolution Directing Property Owner to Repair Sidewalk at 1208 N Broadwell Avenue. #2021-144 – Approving Agreement for the Nebraska Public Transportation Assistance Program. #2021-145 – Approving Change Order No. 2 for Capital Avenue Drainage Improvements- North Road to Moores Creek; Project No. 2020-D-2 with Van Kirk Bros. Contracting for an Extension from June 14, 2021 to July 9, 2021. #2021-146 – Approving Acquisition of Permanent Utility Easement for Sanitary Sewer District No. 287; 18th Street from Walnut Street to Wheeler Avenue. #2021-147 – Approving Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP) for the Grand Island Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (GIAMPO) for the 2022 Fiscal Year Transportation Planning Program. #2021-148 – Approving Relocation Compensation to Construction Rental, Inc. in Connection with Old Potash Highway Roadway Improvements; Project No. 2019-P-1. #2021-149 – Approving Temporary Construction Easements for Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation- Various Locations; Project No. 2020-S-8. #2021-150 – Approving Acceptance of 2021 High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA) Grant. #2021-151 – Approving Recruiting Firm for Search to Fill Assistant Public Works Director of Wastewater and Wastewater Plant Operations Engineer with ADK Consulting and Executive Search of Omaha, NE. RESOLUTIONS: #2021-152 – Consideration of Approving Blighted and Substandard Designation for CRA Area #32, (Josh Rhoads with Horizon Builders) located west of North Road on either side of Old Potash Highway, Grand Island, Nebraska. Josh Rhoads and Keith Marvin answered questions concerning the development of this area. Comments were made by Council that TIF projects were for redevelopment and this was for a new development. Motion was made and seconded to approve. Upon roll call vote, Councilmembers Nickerson, Guzinski, Conley, Stelk, and Fitzke, voted aye. Councilmembers Haase, Mendoza, and Paulick voted no. Mayor Steele made the sixth and deciding vote to approve. Motion adopted. #2021-153 – Consideration of Approving the Semi-Annual Report by the Grand Island Area Economic Development Corporationitizens Advisory Review Committee on the Economic Development Program Plan. #2021-154 – Consideration of Approving Economic Development Incentive Agreement with GIX Logistics, Inc. EDC Director Dave Taylor reported that GIX Logistics, Inc. had submitted the required LB-840 application for a forgivable loan in the amount of $310,000.00. Proposed was the creation of 15 full-time equivalent (FTE) employees with an average hourly wage of $29.50. Requested was $310,000.00 for job creation, job training and infrastructure to be paid over three years. Staff recommended approval. Motion to approve adopted unanimously. PAYMENT OF CLAIMS: Unanimously approved the payment of claims for the period of June 9, 2021 through June 22, 2021 for a total amount of $5,196,378.47. ADJOURNMENT: The meeting was adjourned at 8:44 p.m. RaNae Edwards City Clerk AB SERVICE AND REPAIR LLC, SE, 2,520.00 AEP ONSITE PARTNERS LLC, SE, 13,580.23 AETNA LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY, SE, 234.37 AIRGAS INC, SE, 844.04 ALTERNATIVE REPAIR & MACHINING SERVICES LLC, SE, 8,045.00 AMERICAN PUBLIC WORKS ASSOCIATION, SUB, 1,080.00 AMETEK POWER INSTRUMENTS, SU, 2,465.07 AQUA CHEM INC, SU, 2,446.43 ARGO TURBOSERVE CORP, SU, 1,269.81 ASSOCIATED STAFFING, SE, 652.08 AURORA COOPERATIVE ELEVATOR COMPANY, SE, 473.10 AURORA SCREEN PRINTING & EMBROIDERY, SU, 286.00 BH MEDIA GROUP INC, SE, 13.29 BH MEDIA GROUP INC, SE, 14.27 BH MEDIA GROUP INC, SE, 1,256.36 BLACKBURN MFG CO, SU, 80.27 BLUE CROSS BLUE SHIELD, SE, 324.40 BLUEGRASS LANDSCAPING, SE, 625.00 BORDER STATES INDUSTRIES INC, SU, 10,872.96 BOSSELMAN ENERGY INC, SU, 1,436.56 BRODART CO, SE, 7,497.00 BUTLER COUNTY LANDFILL INC, SU, 3,432.49 CAPITAL BUSINESS SYSTEMS, INC, SE, 754.12 CASH-WA DISTRIBUTING COMPANY OF KEARNEY INC, SU, 6,541.98 CBS REPORTING SERVICES, SE, 46.80 CC JANITORIAL SERVICES INC, SE, 1,598.16 CENTURYLINK INC, SE, 16.12 CENTURYLINK INC, SE, 23.12 CENTURYLINK INC, SE, 30.12 CENTURYLINK INC, SE, 32.24 CENTURYLINK INC, SE, 42.06 CENTURYLINK INC, SE, 48.36 CENTURYLINK INC, SE, 49.06 CENTURYLINK INC, SE, 53.24 CENTURYLINK INC, SE, 55.51 CENTURYLINK INC, SE, 60.36 CENTURYLINK INC, SE, 60.66 CENTURYLINK INC, SE, 62.61 CENTURYLINK INC, SE, 64.48 CENTURYLINK INC, SE, 71.48 CENTURYLINK INC, SE, 76.48 CENTURYLINK INC, SE, 80.76 CENTURYLINK INC, SE, 109.31 CENTURYLINK INC, SE, 133.14 CENTURYLINK INC, SE, 149.96 CENTURYLINK INC, SE, 159.08 CENTURYLINK INC, SE, 406.12 CENTURYLINK INC, SE, 731.44 CENTURYLINK INC, SE, 903.04 CHANGE HEALTHCARE TECHNOLOGY ENABLED SERVICES LLC, IN , 3,515.74 CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS, SU, 1,088.00 CHASE PAYMENTECH LLC, SE, 83.40 CHEMTREAT INC, SE, 2,800.00 CINTAS CORP, SU, 426.55 CITY OF GRAND ISLAND, SE, 50.00 CITY OF GRAND ISLAND, SE, 23,434.23 CITY OF GRAND ISLAND-BID’s, SE, 5,746.13 CITY OF GRAND ISLAND-FINANCE DEPT, SE, 888,618.82 CITY OF GRAND ISLAND-TREASURER, SE, 57,108.21 CITY OF GRAND ISLAND-UTILITIES, SE, 3,415.10 CITY OF GRAND ISLAND-UTILITIES, SE, 35,531.34 CITY OF GRAND ISLAND-UTILITIES, SE, 180,172.93 CONTROL DEPOT INC, SU, 1,939.43 CORE & MAIN LP, SU, 20,055.00 COREY L LUDWIG, SU, 300.00 CRESCENT ELECTRIC SUPPLY CO, SU, 274.16 CROUCH RECREATIONAL INC, SE, 1,727.00 CUSTOM RENTAL SERVICES INC, SU, 8,540.00 D & A TRENCHING, SU, 20,007.40 DELL MARKETING LP, SE, 3,932.23 DELTA DENTAL OF NEBRASKA, IN, 1,928.88 DELTA DENTAL OF NEBRASKA, IN, 4,512.64 DELTA DENTAL OF NEBRASKA, IN, 5,029.90 DELTA DENTAL OF NEBRASKA, IN, 5,876.52 DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY, SE, 66,254.19 DOUGLAS COUNTY NEBRASKA, SE, 350.00 DPC INDUSTRIES INC, SU, 1,760.00 DUSTIN HASSELMANN, SE, 3,500.00 DUTTON-LAINSON COMPANY, SU, 5,858.11 EAGLE EYE WEED CONTROL LLC, SE, 666.65 EAKES INC, SU, 4,298.93 EAKES INC, SU, 4,950.66 EAKES INC, SU, 22,639.68 EBERL PLUMBING & DRAIN INC, SE, 586.96 ELETECH INC, SE, 975.51 ENTECH PEST MANAGEMENT INC, SE, 53.75 ENVIRONMENTAL OPERATING SOLUTIONS INC, SU, 9,622.50 ESSENTIAL PERSONNEL INC, SE, 312.16 FATTMERCHANT INC, SE, 90.03 FATTMERCHANT INC, SE, 99.00 FATTMERCHANT INC, SE, 295.44 FATTMERCHANT INC, SE, 1,210.88 FEDERAL EXPRESS CORP, SU, 9.86 FIA CARD SERVICES, NATIONAL ASSOCIATION, SU, 175,875.07 FONNER PARK EXPOSITION & EVENTS CENTER, MI , 65,956.81 FREIGHTQUOTE.COM, SU, 2,500.00 GALVAN CONSTRUCTION INC, CON, 73,915.43 GARY SMITH CONSTRUCTION CO INC, CON, 17,997.04 GENERAL COLLECTION CO INC, SE, 2.50 GI PARTS SALES INC, SU, 33.39 GOVT PORTAL, SE, 1,027.23 GRAND ISLAND AREA CLEAN COMMUNITY SYSTEM, SE, 6,875.00 GRAND ISLAND PUBLIC SCHOOLS, SE, 9,120.00 GRAYBAR ELECTRIC COMPANY INC, SU, 34,683.91 GREG TESDALL, SE, 600.00 GRONES OUTDOOR POWER INC, SU, 213.54 HACH COMPANY, SU, 1,294.17 HACKEL CONSTRUCTION INC, CON, 111,262.90 HALL CO COURT, SE, 102.00 HALL CO WEED CONTROL, SE, 230.90 HAMILTON TELECOMMUNICATIONS, SU, 267.38 HANSEN INTERNATIONAL TRUCK INC, SU, 119,866.84 HDR ENGINEERING INC, SE, 2,042.50 HEARTLAND DISPOSAL, SU, 285.00 HEARTLAND OPTICAL INC, SU, 301.00 HEARTLAND UNITED WAY, MI, 23,182.44 HERCULES INDUSTRIES INC, SU, 8,940.00 HILAND DAIRY FOODS COMPANY LLC, SU, 1,088.75 HILTI INC, SU, 1,539.40 HIRERIGHT GIS INTERMEDIATE CORP INC, SE, 132.40 HORNADY, SU, 10,659.00 HUSKER ELECTRIC SUPPLY, SU, 9,300.00 INGERSOLL-RAND INDUSTRIAL US INC, SU, 12,543.38 ISLAND ELECTRIC LLC, SU, 1,457.50 JACKS UNIFORMS AND EQUIPMENT, SU, 12,906.70 JACKSON SERVICES INC, SU, 35.96 JERRY’S SHEETMETAL INC, SE, 676.00 JK ENERGY CONSULTING LLC, SE, 1,096.00 K & R MEDICAL SERVICE INC, SU, 183.07 KELLY J SCHADE, SE, 570.00 KELLY SUPPLY CO, SU, 305.33 KESTREL POWER ENGINEERING LLC, SE, 1,687.50 LANDSCAPING SOLUTIONS LLC, SU, 1,130.00 LEAGUE OF NEBRASKA MUNICIPALITIES, MI, 1,250.00 LEETCH TREE SERVICE LLC, SE, 11,150.00 LORDAR INC, SE, 106.00 LOUP CENTRAL LANDFILL ASSOCIATION, MI, 6,102.69 LOVE SIGNS OF GRAND ISLAND LLC, SU, 1,229.81 LYMAN-RICHEY CORPORATION, CON, 26,492.31 LYON PRIDE ROOFING INC, CON, 37,212.28 MARION A TARNICK, SU, 159.10 MATHESON TRI-GAS INC, SE, 1,493.09 MCMASTER CARR SUPPLY CO, SU, 856.37 MDM PEST & TERMITE CONTROL, SE, 160.00 MERCHANT JOB TRAINING & SAFETY, SE, 550.00 MIDLANDS CONTRACTING INC, SE, 5,450.00 MID-NEBRASKA DISPOSAL INC, SE, 619.50 MIDWEST CLOUD COMPUTING LLC, SU, 2,040.36 MIDWEST CONNECT LLC, SU, 359.07 MIDWEST TAPE, SU, 6,760.40 MOHANNA WITH RED SHOES, SE, 450.00 MUNICIPAL SUPPLY INC OF NE, SU, 724.54 MUTUAL OF OMAHA, SE, 134.35 NAVAJO TRANSITIONAL ENERGY COMPANY LLC, SU, 178,624.95 NE LAW ENFORCEMENT TRAINING CENTER, SE, 360.00 NE LIBRARY COMMISSION, SUB, 1,220.00 NE WATER RESOURCES ASSOCIATION, SUB, 205.00 NEBRASKA FIRE SPRINKLER CORP, SE, 1,395.00 NEBRASKA HOIST & CRANE LLC, SE, 3,117.50 NEBRASKA MUNICIPAL POWER POOL, SE, 2,850.00 NEBRASKA PERSONNEL CONSULTANTS LLC, SE, 32,500.00 NEBRASKA PUBLIC POWER DISTRICT, SE, 282,477.82 NEWARK ELECTRONICS, SU, 108.99 NITRO CONSTRUCTION INC, SU, 2,234.96 NORTHWESTERN ENERGY, SE, 167.67 NORTHWESTERN ENERGY, SE, 271.98 NOVASPECT INC, SU, 1,813.91 OCLC ONLINE COMPUTER LIBRARY CENTER, SUB, 2,172.00 ODEYS, SU, 1,284.00 OFFICENET INC, SE, 19.12 OLSSON INC, SE, 4,956.84 OMAHA PUBLIC POWER DISTRICT, MI, 23,650.00 ONE CALL CONCEPTS INC, MI, 698.31 OVERHEAD DOOR CO, SE, 80.00 PARAMOUNT LINEN & UNIFORM RENTAL INC, SU, 201.84 PEPSI-COLA, SU, 2,124.97 PEREGRINE SERVICES INC, SE, 11,676.29 PIG IN A BAG LLC, SE, 5,018.00 PLATTE VALLEY COMMUNICATIONS INC, SE, 518.26 PLATTE VALLEY LABORATORIES INC, SE, 65.00 PRAIRIE BREEZE EXPANSION HOLDINGS LLC, SE, 327,639.04 PROCHASKA & ASSOCIATES, CON, 25,000.00 PUBLIC POWER GENERATION AGENCY, SE, 306,446.02 RASMUSSEN MECHANICAL SERVICES INC, SE, 11,180.00 RAYNOR DOORS OF CENTRAL NE INC, SE, 1,235.00 REEL POWER INDUSTRIAL INC, SU, 3,823.69 REFUND CUSTOMERS, RE, 1.00 REFUND CUSTOMERS, RE, 14.78 REFUND CUSTOMERS, RE, 70.79 REFUND CUSTOMERS, RE, 73.18 REFUND CUSTOMERS, RE, 73.33 REFUND CUSTOMERS, RE, 75.00 REFUND CUSTOMERS, RE, 82.43 REFUND CUSTOMERS, RE, 86.17 REFUND CUSTOMERS, RE, 86.37 REFUND CUSTOMERS, RE, 86.67 REFUND CUSTOMERS, RE, 86.93 REFUND CUSTOMERS, RE, 87.09 REFUND CUSTOMERS, RE, 100.00 REFUND CUSTOMERS, RE, 159.75 REFUND CUSTOMERS, RE, 166.52 REFUND CUSTOMERS, RE, 208.72 REFUND CUSTOMERS, RE, 209.09 REFUND CUSTOMERS, RE, 219.18 REFUND CUSTOMERS, RE, 228.51 REFUND CUSTOMERS, RE, 287.44 REFUND CUSTOMERS, RE, 981.00 REFUND CUSTOMERS, RE, 2,090.31 RICK S JOHNSON, SE, 15.60 ROBERT ELDEN WILLIAMS, SE, 430.00 RON KNOTT, SE, 750.00 RURAL ELECTRIC SUPPLY COOPERATIVE, SE, 2,322.00 SAINT FRANCIS MEDICAL CENTER, SE, 21.45 SAINT FRANCIS MEDICAL CENTER, SE, 163.75 SAINT FRANCIS MEDICAL CENTER, SE, 730.00 SAPP BROS INC, SU, 1,257.21 SARGENT & LUNDY LLC, SU, 12,412.00 SENIOR CITIZENS INDUSTRIES INC, MI, 13,405.16 SENIOR CITIZENS INDUSTRIES INC, SE, 56,491.94 SERVI-TECH INCORPORATED, SE, 153.45 SHANNON CHEMICAL CORPORATION, SU, 18,591.89 SHEFFIELD TREE SERVICE INC, SE, 500.00 SIX COLORS LLC, SE, 50.00 SOS PORTABLE TOILETS INC, SE, 763.26 SOUTHERN POWER DISTRICT, SE, 105.08 SOUTHERN POWER DISTRICT, SE, 230.61 SOUTHERN POWER DISTRICT, SE, 290.95 SOUTHERN POWER DISTRICT, SE, 1,133.75 STATE OF NE DEPT OF REVENUE, MI, 311,837.79 STATE OF NE DIV OF COMM, MI, 598.46 STATE OF NEBRASKA DEPT OF ENVIRONMENT & ENERGY, SE, 1,497.00 STUART C IRBY CO, SU, 128.46 STUMP CONSTRUCTION INC, SE, 62,498.00 SUNBELT RENTALS INC, RT, 1,759.78 TAWNY SLIZOSKI, SE, 400.00 TELEPHONE SYSTEMS OF NE INC, SE, 583.99 TENASKA ENERGY INC, SU, 3,007.89 TENASKA ENERGY INC, CON, 701,618.21 THE MCGRAW HILL COMPANIES, SUB, 2,640.00 THE STRUCTURAL BOLT COMPANY, SU, 429.98 THERMO ELECTRON CORP, SU, 145.00 TRI STATE OIL RECLAIMERS INC, SU, 130.00 UMR INC, IN, 61,201.81 UMR INC, IN, 75,132.88 UMR INC, IN, 81,342.87 UMR INC, IN, 122,252.75 UNITED CONVEYOR SUPPLY CO, SE, 13,721.43 UNITED HEALTHCARE, IN, 1,057.19 UNIVAR USA INC, SU, 3,959.40 US VETERANS AFFAIRS MEDICAL CENTER, SE, 2,079.82 VILLAGE CLEANERS INC, SU, 169.60 WATER REMEDIATION TECHNOLOGY LLC, SE, 74,602.35 WEAR-CONCEPTS INC, SU, 1,695.88 WELLS FARGO BANK NA, SE, 107.10 WESCO DISTRIBUTION INC, SU, 7,666.20 WEST GROUP PAYMENT CENTER, SUB, 749.97 WESTERN FUELS ASSOCIATION INC, SE, 1,250.00 WEX HEALTH INC, SE, 377.70 WISCONSIN PHYSICIANS SERVICE INSURANCE C, SE, 85.82 WISCONSIN PHYSICIANS SERVICE INSURANCE C, SE, 5,864.10 WISH NEBRASKA INC, SE, 1,212.00 XEROX CORPORATION, SE, 104.93 YMCA, MI, 3,852.75 YOUNG WOMEN’S CHRISTIAN ASSOCATION OF GI NE INC, MI, 11,315.04 A Check Run Total Check Total, 5,196,378.47 Payroll for period 6-6-21 through 6-19-21, 1,813,109.26, Payroll for period 6-20-21 through 7-3-21, 1,811,199.88, TOTAL, 8,820,687.61 24 ZNEZ

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