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OFFICIAL PROCEEDINGS CITY OF GRAND ISLAND, NEBRASKA MINUTES OF CITY COUNCIL REGULAR MEETING August 10, 2021 Pursuant to due call and notice thereof, a Regular Meeting of the City Council of the City of Grand Island, Nebraska was conducted in the Council Chambers of City Hall, 100 East First Street, on August 10, 2021. Notice of the meeting was given in The Grand Island Independent on August 4, 2021. Mayor Steele called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. The following City Council members were present: Paulick, Scott, Fitzke, Stelk, Conley, Minton, Guzinski, Mendoza, Nickerson, and Haase. The following City Officials were present: City Administrator Janulewicz, City Clerk Edwards, Finance Director Patrick, Interim City Attorney Nonhof and Public Works Director Collins. INVOCATION was given by Pastor Jim Reynolds, Berean Bible Church, 4116 West Capital Avenue followed by the PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE. PRESENTATIONS: Presentation by Nebraska State Fair Director Bill Ogg on the Upcoming Nebraska State Fair. Nebraska State Fair Director Bill Ogg updated the Mayor and Council on the upcoming 2021 Nebraska State Fair. He stated he would like to come back after the fair and present financials. He thanked the support of the Mayor, Council, City Administrator, and the Public Works Department. He mentioned a Master Plan that was in the works for Fonner Park and the Heartland Events Center. After the State Fair they would be hosting the Aksarben Livestock Show. PUBLIC HEARINGS: Public Hearing on One and Six Year Street Improvement Plan. Staff recommended approval. ORDINANCES APPROVED: #9831 – Consideration of Approving Changes to Chapter 27 of the Grand Island City Code Relative to Procurement #9839 – Consideration of Approving Conveyance of Property to the Nebraska Department of Veterans Affairs (Second and Final Reading) CONSENT AGENDA APPROVED: Approving Minutes of July 27, 2021 City Council Regular Meeting. Approving Minutes of July 27, 2021 Budget Work Session. Receipt of Official Document – Tort Claim filed by JNR Adjustment Company, Inc. on behalf of Lumen Technologies. Approving Appointment of Jason Roe to the Citizens Advisory Review Committee. Approving Re-Appointment of Doug Jensen to the Animal Advisory Board. Approving Request of Fonner Park Exposition and Events Center, Inc. (Heartland Events Center) for Ratification of Nomination and Election of Board of Directors. Approving Request from Krystal Carter, 1616 NW 54th Ct, Lincoln, Nebraska for Liquor Manager Designation with Casey’s Retail Stores #2883, #2882, #2742, #2737, #2732, #2903, #1768, #2707. Approving Request from Christine Lewis, 612 Oasis Place, Cairo, Nebraska for Liquor Manager Designation with Carlos O’Kelly’s dba Carlos O’Kelly’s Mexican Café, 1810 Diers Avenue. #2021-189 – Approving an Updated Memorandum of Understanding with Central Community College for Emergency Operations. #2021-190 – Approving Re-Allocation of FTE for Computer Operator to Computer Technician. #2021-191 – Approving Annual Agreement for Financial Software Licensing and Support with Tyler Technologies, Inc. #2021-192 – Approving Change Order #1 – Burdick Station Asbestos Abatement with McGill Asbestos Abatement of Omaha, NE. #2021-193 – Approving Purchase of Distribution Transformers with Wesco Distribution, Inc. of Des Moines, IA. #2021-194 – Approving Resolution to Amend Subdivision Agreement for Nikodym Subdivision Relative to Placement of Sidewalks on Cherry Street. #2021-195 – Approving Certificate of Final Completion for Diffuser Replacement; Project No. 2021-WWTP-2 with JCI Industries, Inc. of Lee Summit, MO. #2021-196 – Approving Change Order No. 1 for Furnishing Components for EIMCO® Type C3D-Fully Trough Skimmer Clarifier Mechanism; Project No. 2021-WWTP-1 with Ovivo USA, LLC of Salt Lake City, UT to Extend the Completion Date from August 16, 2021 to June 1, 2022. #2021-197 – Approving Change Order No. 1 for Final Clarifier No. 1 Renovation; Project No. 2021-WWTP-3 with Fab Tech Wastewater Solutions, LLC of O’Fallon, MO to Extend the Completion Date from September 30, 2021 to September 30, 2022. #2021-198 – Approving Change Order No. 1 for North Road Paving Improvements; Project No. 2019-P-5 (Phase II) with The Diamond Engineering Company of Grand Island, NE. #2021-199 – Approving 2021-2022 Fee Schedule. REQUESTS AND REFERRALS APPROVED: Consideration of Referring Blighted and Substandard Study for Area #34 to the Regional Planning Commission (The Starostka Group Unlimited). Staff recommended approval. Joe Johnson and Matt Reif representing Olsson Associates, 201 East 2nd Street; Jordan Starostka, 429 Industrial Lane, and Greg Baxter, 2121 No. Monitor Road spoke in support. RESOLUTIONS APPROVED: #2021-200 – Consideration of Approving the Intent to Annex Lot 1 of Hanover Second Subdivision (1118 N. North Road) and Setting a Date for the Public Hearing on Annexation. Staff recommended approval. Election Commissioner Tracy Overstreet, 121 South Pine Street spoke in support. #2021-201 – Consideration of Approving One and Six Year Street Improvement Plan. PAYMENT OF CLAIMS: Unanimously approved the payment of claims for the period of July 28, 2021 through August 10, 2021 for a total amount of $3,624,328.39. ADJOURNMENT: The meeting was adjourned at 8:11 p.m. RaNae Edwards City Clerk AIRGAS INC, RT, 844.04 ALLIED ELECTRONICS INC, SU, 343.87 ANDERSON FORD, SU, 37,977.00 APEX INSTRUMENTS INC, SU, 3,071.37 APX INC, MI , 429.44 AQUA CHEM INC, SU, 1,872.00 ARVOS LJUNGSTROM LLC, SU, 69,636.35 ASSOCIATED STAFFING, SE, 451.44 AURORA COOPERATIVE ELEVATOR COMPANY, SU, 25,950.18 BLACKBURN MFG CO, SU, 437.14 BOKF NATIONAL ASSOCIATION, SE, 200.00 BORDER STATES INDUSTRIES INC, MI, 109,404.64 BOSSELMAN ENERGY INC, SU, 58.00 BUSINESS WORLD PRODUCTS, SU, 37.48 CAMPBELL-SEVEY INC, SU, 2,275.96 CAPITAL BUSINESS SYSTEMS, INC, MI, 1,445.73 CAREY’S LAWNSCAPE INC, SE, 792.00 CASHCO INC, SU, 229.23 CASH-WA DISTRIBUTING COMPANY OF KEARNEY INC, SU, 4,735.75 CC JANITORIAL SERVICES INC, SE, 2,012.16 CENTRAL NE HUMANE SOCIETY INC, SE, 32,375.00 CENTURYLINK INC, SE, 361.84 CENTURYLINK INC, SE, 364.31 CENTURYLINK INC, SE, 458.60 CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS, SE, 27.16 CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS, SE, 1,088.00 CHASE PAYMENTECH LLC, MI, 76.96 CINTAS CORP, SU, 523.38 CITY GRAND ISLAND FIRE DEPT, SE, 50.00 CITY OF GRAND ISLAND, SE, 25.03 CITY OF GRAND ISLAND, SE, 62,112.28 CITY OF GRAND ISLAND-TREASURER, RE, 1,143.52 CITY OF GRAND ISLAND-TREASURER, SE, 42,482.75 CITY OF GRAND ISLAND-UTILITIES, SE, 2,736.48 COMMUNICATIONS ENGINEERING INC, SE, 7,136.00 CONNECTYOURCARE LLC, SE, 801.60 CORE & MAIN LP, SU, 10,979.00 CREDIT MANAGEMENT SERVICES INC, SE, 1,747.38 CRESCENT ELECTRIC SUPPLY CO, SU, 18.88 D & A TRENCHING, SE, 7,828.00 DELTA DENTAL OF NEBRASKA, IN , 9,611.00 DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY, SE, 91,764.63 DIAMOND ENGINEERING CO, CON, 389,060.47 DONALD L ALBRIGHT, SE, 150.00 DPC INDUSTRIES INC, SU, 4,560.00 DUTTON-LAINSON COMPANY, SU, 1,013.62 DXP ENTERPRISES INC, SU, 876.31 E H WACHS COMPANY, SU, 2,049.88 EBERL PLUMBING & DRAIN INC, SE, 139.00 EFFOX-FLEXTOR-MADER INC, SU, 1,875.00 EGAN SUPPLY CO, SU, 358.41 ELETECH INC, SE, 100.00 ENVIRONMENTAL OPERATING SOLUTIONS INC, MI, 10,407.50 FATTMERCHANT INC, SE, 99.00 FEDERAL EXPRESS CORP, SE, 63.18 FIA CARD SERVICES, NATIONAL ASSOCIATION, SE, 292,394.34 FIDELITY SECURITY LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY, IN, 83.60 FREIGHTQUOTE.COM, SE, 667.78 GALVAN CONSTRUCTION INC, SE, 2,730.25 GARY SMITH CONSTRUCTION CO INC, CON, 23,820.23 GRAND ISLAND HALL COUNTY CRIME STOPPERS, MI, 10,000.00 GRAYBAR ELECTRIC COMPANY INC, SU, 4,566.68 GRONES OUTDOOR POWER INC, RT, 195.00 HACH COMPANY, SU, 885.41 HALL CO COURT, SE, 153.00 HAMILTON TELECOMMUNICATIONS, SE, 267.38 HILAND DAIRY FOODS COMPANY LLC, SU, 791.87 HIRERIGHT GIS INTERMEDIATE CORP INC, SE, 445.20 HOME DEPOT USA INC, SE, 581.12 HYDRAULIC EQUIPMENT SERVICE, SE, 550.21 INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE, IN , 2,889.79 ISLAND ELECTRIC LLC, SE, 75.00 J & A TRAFFIC PRODUCTS, SU, 90.00 JACKSON SERVICES INC, SU, 35.96 JEO CONSULTING GROUP INC, SE, 1,643.75 LEAGUE OF NEBRASKA MUNICIPALITIES, SUB, 11,708.00 LEAGUE OF NEBRASKA MUNICIPALITIES, SUB, 50,557.00 LEETCH TREE SERVICE LLC, SE, 1,000.00 LILIENTHAL CABINET INC, SU, 5,404.03 LINCOLN WINWATER WORKS CO, SU, 6,677.90 LORDAR INC, MI, 991.62 LYMAN-RICHEY CORPORATION, SU, 27,705.35 MARION A TARNICK, SU, 159.10 MATHESON TRI-GAS INC, SU, 4,140.34 MCGILL ASBESTOS ABATEMENT LLC, CON , 602,418.75 MCMASTER CARR SUPPLY CO, SU, 3,958.84 MELLEN & ASSOCIATES INC, SU, 9,837.99 MICHAEL TODD & COMPANY INC, SU, 234.53 MID-NEBRASKA DISPOSAL INC, SE, 473.50 MIDWEST CLOUD COMPUTING LLC, SE, 343.46 MIDWEST CONNECT LLC, SU, 151.55 MIDWEST HYDRAULIC SERVICE, SU, 7.00 MIDWEST MOBILE TECH INC, SU, 546.27 MIDWEST TAPE, SE, 5,278.45 MOTION INDUSTRIES INC, SE, 487.82 MUELLER INSURANCE AGENCY INC, MI, 1,060.00 MUNICIPAL SUPPLY INC OF NE, SU, 5,372.33 NEBRASKA AIR FILTER INC, SU, 104.38 NEBRASKA MACHINERY CO, SE, 788.00 NEBRASKALINK HOLDINGS LLC, SE, 1,140.00 NEWARK ELECTRONICS, SU, 158.79 NORTHWESTERN ENERGY, SE, 1,434.49 ODEYS, SU, 350.00 OLSSON INC, CON, 66,468.93 OMAHA PUBLIC POWER DISTRICT, RE, 23,650.00 ONE CALL CONCEPTS INC, SE, 830.68 PARAMOUNT LINEN & UNIFORM RENTAL INC, SU, 100.92 PARR INSTRUMENT COMPANY, SU, 18,336.75 PAYMENTUS CORPORATION, SE, 26,336.85 PEPSI-COLA, SU, 486.34 PETE LIEN & SONS INC, SU, 11,474.18 PIPING RESOURCES INC, SU, 4,506.40 PLATTE VALLEY LABORATORIES INC, SE, 65.00 PRECISION FITTING & GAUGE LLC, SU, 265.12 PROTEX CENTRAL INC, SE, 134.00 PUBLIC POWER GENERATION AGENCY, SU, 397,895.90 QUADIENT LEASING USA INC, SE, 1,271.62 REFUND CUSTOMERS, RE, 1.00 REFUND CUSTOMERS, RE, 14.06 REFUND CUSTOMERS, RE, 347.78 REFUND CUSTOMERS, RE, 825.00 REGION 12 AMERICAN BACKFLOW PREVENTION ASSOCIATION, MI, 255.00 RHOADS ENTERPRISES INC, MI, 1.00 RICHWOOD INDUSTRIES INC, SU, 8,211.09 RICK S JOHNSON, SU, 156.00 ROAD BUILDING MACHINERY & SUPPLY CO, SE, 2,976.02 ROBERTS PUMP & SUPPLY, SU, 379.53 RONALD J SMITH, SE, 1,030.75 RURAL ELECTRIC SUPPLY COOPERATIVE, SU, 3,536.75 SALVADOR MENDOZA, SE, 60.00 SAMPSON CONSTRUCTION CO INC, CON, 60,944.40 SCHENCK PROCESS LLC, SU, 244.90 SEWER ROOTER SERVICE & PLUMBING INC, SE, 585.60 SHEFFIELD TREE SERVICE INC, SE, 4,250.00 SHRED-IT US JV LLC, SE, 177.93 SOFIA A MONTANEZ, SE, 822.50 STAROSTKA GROUP UNLIMITED INC, CON, 508,612.31 STATE OF NE DIV OF COMM, SU, 700.00 STATE OF NE DIV OF COMM, SE, 940.04 STRAIGHT-LINE STRIPING, CON, 7,586.83 THE BABCOCK & WILCOX COMPANY, SU, 6,524.89 THE STRUCTURAL BOLT COMPANY, SU, 399.76 TRANSFLUID SERVICES INC, SE, 6,900.00 UMR INC, IN, 130,595.43 UNION PACIFIC RAILROAD, SU, 193.00 UNION PACIFIC RAILROAD, SE, 283,066.41 VAISALA INC, SU, 689.08 WESCO DISTRIBUTION INC, SU, 9,454.63 A/P Check Run Total Check Total, 3,624,328.39 Payroll for period 8-1-21 through 8-14-21, 1,765,349.14 TOTAL, 5,389,677.53 29 ZNEZ

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