RFID Sticker On Bike Helmet Grants Garage Access

So Farrare

[Glen] might explain his challenge of opening his garage door by way of an RFID sticker on his bike helmet as uncomplicated, but some of the interfacing he wanted to do was very intricate. He walks by means of the undertaking from commencing to close, and there’s loads to find out from.

When building an RFID entry control program, one has to determine what sort of reader and what type of tags a single needs to use. They all purpose extra or fewer the exact same way, but there are a good deal of realistic issues to consider into account these kinds of as charge, variety, relieve of use, and stability possibilities. Following a great deal of investigate, [Glen] made a decision on cheap sticker-design tags and a appropriate reader supporting qualifications with an ISO14443 UID that could be suitably mounted on a building’s exterior.

The precise opening of the doorway was the very simple part, accomplished by interfacing to a spare distant.

Breakout boards with ready-to-use code libraries exist for some RFID audience, but that was not the scenario for the reader [Glen] had. He finished up rolling his own code to manage conversation with the reader, with a Microchip PIC18F45K50 doing all the operate of looking at tags and undertaking accessibility command. His code is on the project’s GitHub repository, and if you also obtain on your own needing to interface to a reader that uses the Wiegand protocol, you may want to give it a look.

Managing the genuine garage door was the uncomplicated aspect. All that took was soldering two wires throughout the switch contacts of a spare garage door opener remote, and employing a relay to close the contacts. Uncomplicated and effective. You can see it in motion in the brief video clip, embedded beneath the break.

Overhead doorway accessibility manage may well be a simple strategy, but it comes in all shapes and measurements when enterprising hackers get started seeking for methods. We have noticed garage doorways provided the Do it yourself IoT therapy, and even witnessed accessibility managed by a car’s headlamp flashes, which basically turned out to be more secure than it sounds.


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